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Advertisements are fundemental process to seek for public attention and attraction for a product and service.

It is the advertiser’s role to create the advertisement that will reach your audience and appear appiling and convinving. Global Connections works on supporting  millions of people across U.A.E and  the globe, connecting and sharing their goods and services. We are committed to meeting the demands of todays market.Similarly, Global connections uses various tools ranging from, televisions, viral marketing,social marketing and promotional product tools.

1) We identitfy your business and work on understanding it completely.

2)We work on recognizing your competetors in the market.

3)We help you position yourself and your capabilities.

4)We develop the art and theme fit just for you.

5)We insure to fully identify Your Target Audience and target your message to your market.

6)We use the Media that will most effectively target that market and measure your results. 

7)We insure it fits your budget and work on the long-term profit.


Almost 27,000 new business licenses were established in 2016 in dubai UAE, and some 107,000 existing licenses were issued renewal. From several categories ranging from banking, tourism, real estate, manufacturing. Many Companies globally are thriving for the UAE diverse economic sectors for its diverse population and success rates. Based on the latestUAE’s federal Commercial Companies Law (CCL) it has been stated that LLCs in the Emirates must be at least 50% owned by UAE nationals. Putting all the limiting factors Global Connections, company formation specialists help provide you with the directorship service for preforming your company here in UAE. With our key experience and relation with major sectors we help you overcome all the complexities of sestablishing and running a business in the UAE while leaving you control it allthrough.

The benefits of using our professional representing services 

UAE is been growing in business industry reaching the top levels of productivity annually. However it is tough for some investors who are interested in expanding globally, to settle and leave their local companies, while others perhaps work on complex projects that can't be abandoned.The professional directorship service is used to ensure the highest degree of success and confidentiality making it easy to remote from your own area wherever you are. However Although UAE gives it a strong chance of success, but setting up your business is not a one step plan. There are regulatory rules to deals, just as there are in any other country. The UAE’s Department for Economic Development (DED) has a lengthy list of obligations a company has to reach if it is to gain approval for a trade license with all  required documents in Arabic.

At Global connections we tackle all the legal and post-establishing issues for you.Our professional team of experts and PRO will help your  fledgling company to get established and increase its chances of success. The service can be set up with the help of a company formation specialist, who will draw up the Service Agreement, ensuring all financial, legal and operational liabilities still rest with the owner.



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