Companies Establishment

Global Connection provides all the support you need about establishing a business in the UAE.

Business SetUp

We will help you understand the costs of business setup and the entire process of setting a business in the UAE.

Trade License Registration

Includes registration as well as the renewal for a commercial license, professional license, industrial license, and tourism license.

Business Consultancy

Includes consultation on business type, legal compliance and UAE labor laws.

Business formation

  1. We value your time and money, so we see to it that your business will be fully-registered and legalized in the UAE according to the given timetable.
  2. We share our expertise to help you understand the market, the business proceedings and jurisdictions in the UAE.
  3. Either in-house or through our partners, we provide the most comprehensive solutions to grow your investments and make your business successful in the local market.

Work and Residence Permit Application

We provide services for work permit and residency permit application as well as renewal to let you and/or your employees work and stay legally in the UAE.

Global Connections

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