Photos and Rewards

EQ Softwares developed the Photos and Rewards app, while Global Connection is responsible for its marketing activities.

Photos and Rewards


  • Title: Photos and Rewards
  • Category: Software Development Solutions
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  • Year: 2018
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Developed by EQ Softwares, the Photos and Rewards is a mobile application that aims to promote product and services launching events and other socio-political gatherings through its photography contests. This app is useful for both event organizers and photography enthusiasts. The Photos and Rewards app works like any other visual content social media like Instagram and Pinterest but unlike any other social media apps, Photos and Rewards offers exciting prizes to the winners of contest participants and promoting products, services, and causes at the same time. The app has been launched already and can be downloaded in both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Global Connection is handling its digital marketing strategies to help the app reach a wider audience in the UAE.

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