Global Connection to launch Ziio Jewels at Floranca Group

Ziio Jewellery

In cooperation with Floranca Group, Global Connection will be launching the luxurious Italian jewelry brand in the UAE soon. As of press time, the company has been busy preparing and arranging the marketing and advertising campaigns for Ziio before the final launching. Engr. Edris Al Qurashi, CEO of Global Connection, has expressed his high hopes that the product launch will be successful and will open a new market opportunity for handcrafted jewelry. UAE is known for its gold market, thence, the coming of accessories made from stones, crystals, glasses, silver and brass will give the local and expat communities more choices to choose from when it comes to jewelry fashion.

Ziio is made from gemstones, silver, brass, crystals and other semi-precious stones. It is a fusion of colorful materials which handmade and exported from Italy. Being the exclusive distributor of Ziio, Global Connection To Represent Companies is in-charge of all the brand's affair in the UAE. For more information about the available items that we have, click here to visit the official Instagram of Ziio or call us at +971 2 7777 81.

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