Video Marketing and Why You Should Join the Trend




As the digital age for video marketing has finally come, gone are the days when video advertising is only available on Televisions. Today, big or small companies can enjoy the perks of video advertising without spending too much on the airing rates on TV. Thanks to the existence of online video platforms and online video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and the likes, creating brands and providing value, relevance and flexibility to the needs of consumers become easier and cheaper.

In general, video marketing is the way of creating a promotional video to market brands, products, and services. According to Hub Spot, video usage is growing as 81% of businesses incorporate video marketing in their marketing strategy, but if this number is not enough for you to join the trend, we have listed some reasons why you should the bandwagon.

People are watching a lot of videos. According to the Hub Spot survey, the average video content watching time is 1.5 hours and 15% of the respondents have spent more than 3 hours watching the video content.
Video boosts SEO campaign as it creates backlinks to the website and the more likes and shares that a video has, the more it becomes viral to the netizens, making ones brand more popular than the other.
Video marketing improves trust and credibility as it connects you to your audience. According to the Precision Marketing Group, 90% of the users say that videos help them to decide whether to buy a product or not as it helps consumers to be educated about products and services.
Video enhances consumers’ information retention. People nowadays love visuals. Creating compelling video materials for your marketing campaign retains 65% of the information in the consumers’ mind.

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