Ziio Jewelry Reaches UAE Market

Ziio Jewellery

The Italian brand, known for its sophisticated handmade jewelry and accessories, has finally reached the UAE market. Through the help of Global Connection To Represent Companies, Ziio Jewelry was able to introduce its silver and gemstones accessories to UAE. The country is known for its gold market, however, with the introduction of Ziio Jewels, consumers could have other options for jewelry aside from the gold. The Ziio collection is made up of pure silver, crystals and other precious stones, which are perfect for all kinds of occasions. 

The partnership between Global Connection and Ziio has been officially sealed in July 2017. Since then, the two companies have been working together to market the brand to the UAE consumers.

As of writing, Global Connection and Ziio Jewelry are in talks with the Paris Gallery for a possible partnership. 

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