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Ziio Jewellery

Ziio Jewels owner and designer Elisabeth Paradon and her daughter- sales and PR manager Camille Vallon arrived in Dubai, UAE last February 19. Global Connection To Represent Companies' Chairman Mr. Al Kindi and CEO, Engr. Edris Qurashi greeted the guests as they arrived at the Dubai International Airport from Milan, Italy on Monday night. The main purpose of their visit was to realize the untapped alternative market for jewelry made of precious stones and crystals as the UAE is popular for its gold souks.

Ms. Vallon, who was very enthusiastic about the launching of Ziio in UAE, said that their trip in the country, particularly in Dubai made them understand the taste and the trends that have been going on the country. While UAE has been known for being a host of many expatriates from around the world, she reiterated that the Arabic culture, particularly for the Emirati women, has been strongly kept, thus there would be  a great potentialities of Ziio in the market as it would giving them a unique way of interpreting fashion and trends.

“Ziio is a modern synthesis of many different cultures. Each piece we design is reflecting Italian workmanship, mixed with precious materials coming from all over the world all with unique colors combinations. That is why this brand can really attract the public here,” Ms. Vallon said in an interview. 

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